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Covid-19 Policy

We want everybody to feel safe and able to to enjoy the MotD Conference.  Having considered the options and spoken with Wydale Hall we will be asking all our delegates to follow this policy.

 Do I need to wear a mask?

No.  But feel free to wear one if you prefer.


We do not believe it would be practical to run a MotD Conference with everybody wearing masks all weekend.  We will therefore be asking all attendees to carry out a lateral flow test in the 24 hours before you come to the conference.


Once everybody gets to the conference we will be assuming Wydale Hall to be a bubble and therefore mask taking will not be required.

 What happens if I have to cancel at short notice?  

MotD is organised by a small group of Christians with a vision to encourage the men of of the North.  We therefore do not have large charity finances backing us up.   Even so we understand the commitment you are making in joining us for the MotD Conference. 

If you need to cancel either because you have tested positive for Convid-19 or someone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 then we are able to refund 50% of your booking fee for the event.

what happens if i cancel for other reasons?

 In line with the Wydale Hall booking policy you will be operating the following refund policy:


Up to 8 weeks before the conference a 75% refund

Up to 4 weeks before the conference - a 50% refund

Less than 4 weeks before MotD - no refund is possible

 Contact Details

If you need to cancel or change your booking then you can contact us on the details at the bottom of this page.


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