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The Dalesmen Team

Our dream...  A hundred Christian men from North Yorkshire: spending time together, worshiping together, developing team, building relationships, and going back to our own churches empowered to be the army of God in the North. 

Welcome to the Men of the Dales weekend.

Why me?  The Dales may be an amazing place to live but sometimes it can also be isolating.  You know there is an amazing community of Christians out there but how do you connect with other guys?  How do we encourage each other and help each other grow in faith.  To be salt and light in Jesus name.

 That is why we wanted to organise the Men of The Dales weekend.

A weekend away in Yorkshire (where else?), in a comfy conference centre.  A weekend to build up, to develop community, to build links and with fantastic, engaging and high quality bible teaching led by one of our foremost biblical scholars.


When we began the Men of the Dales journey we were proudly not ordained.  We all had proper jobs with a heart to nurture and encourage men of the North.


Nick lives in Harrogate and worships at St Roberts church where (annoyingly for Barry & Gez!!) he has recently become their new curate.

Gez lives in Richmond, worships at Influence church and has a proper job working for a local building firm.

Barry lives in Ripon, worships at Holy Trinity church and sells abrasive products to earn a crust (why?!).


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